zondag 23 oktober 2011

been a while..

It been a while since my last post on this blog. Nevertheless workin' on the virago and the Duc went on. There have been some major changes.
The virago is now in his last stage. We have almost finished it.
There are still some minor things to do.
We removed one of the two brake discs in the front and we changed the color of the engine in black. We used "kachel-zwart" for this and it really worked well.
Its a kind of shoe-polish you can use to turn your old cast-iron stove black again. We like de result..
We also removed all the paint from the tank and the side caps. So its all plain metal. The finshing layer is done with owatrol. nice...

The duc is coming along nicely aswell. Ive moved the battery out of sight. It is now situated underneath the rear-axle.
Also did some minor things like making a proper mount for the gastank, and paining the rear of the bike.

Now im working on bracket for the steps, the brake lever and gearshifter.
Trying to make everything as minimalistic as possible. well see how things come around. :-)
Owh do check out michiels responsible grinding technics. Gloves, ear protection, goggels.... I think he lost his leg here.. :-D