dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Just an other day at the shop

Our first evening at the new shop...

Michiel has been workin on the intake of the Virago.
Next step is finishing the whole bike. Gonna need some putty to finish all the sheet metal parts.

I also made a start with the Duc. Mounted the clipons an the headlight. Also been experimenting with the height of the fueltank. I think it looks nice this way.
still not to happy about the "streetfighter" look of the bike. I'm trying to get the classy caferacerlook.

zondag 27 maart 2011

Nice parts..

Been to the swap meet in Hardenberg last saturday. Together with Michiel and his girlfriend. Also bumped into Lennard from Bubblevisor blog.

Found some really nice parts there. I can really make a start with rebuilding te Duc now.
Yesterday I tried to mount the tomaselli clipons. Off course the size of the frontlegs was just off. De diameter of the clipons is slightly to big.
Some pieces of pipe could fix this problem. still workin on that..

donderdag 24 maart 2011

moving al the junk

Last sunday, we moved all the stuff from my Parents house to my own garage.
All this time we've been workin' on the Virago and the CX500 in the old barn at my parents place. Off course my place isn't as near as big, but I think its just right..(for now)

Still looks quite tidy as well, I wonder how long we can keep it this way :-D

zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Rippin' of the ugly parts

Today I found some time working on the Duc.

I started with takin of the front..
Dont think I like the M-steering-bar. Some clipons would look better..still working on that.

The tank looks really cool without all the bodywork. I'm consider keeping this one.
But we'll see how things work out.

Virago's final issues

Off course we've been working on the virago this week. At the end of the project we still need to do some minor stuff. (this period always consumes most of our time...)
We closed up the front of the bike. The ground play of the bike is big enough to jump over most speed bumps in the neighborhood.
So weve decided that the angle of the front legs is just right.
Michiel also did some last grinding and finishing of the battery box.

Were getting there...

vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Pantah caferacer

Found some examples of some nicely cafe'ed ducati pantah's
I really like the uncovered distribution belts..

check www.clubcaferacer.com/t2-mon-pantah-750

zaterdag 12 maart 2011

donderdag 10 maart 2011


Also did some expirimenting with the camera..

All in sync

I did some final adjustments to the carburatteurs with my sync-o-meter :-)
The duc is really easy to adjust.
To find out if everything worked out the way I intended, I took the duc for a little ride. What a difference...

When I bought the duc, it had a huge dip in the mid-range. After the cleaning and the syncin' it now runs really smooth.

woensdag 9 maart 2011

dinsdag 8 maart 2011


You should also check our progress on the Virago.
Michiel has posted some very nice pics of our last run on the Virago.
check bmwcafe.blogspot.com

I thinks it looks really cool. We still got some minor little things to do though.


The SS-50... I still have it.
Of course the riding experience is terrible in comparison to any normal bike. The total lack of power..
Nevertheless I always found it hard to sell it.
In some way it is a really nice looking little mopet. The 4 stroke engine makes it sounPd great.

I know I know.. everything comes to an end.. and the duc needs some space, so i've decided to sell the little Honda.

Owh the YZF R1 for sail as well. :-D

zaterdag 5 maart 2011

Gettin' it running

Before I start rippin of all the ugly parts, I fist like to have it running properly.
Yesterday I tried to get it started. After a few attempts it only ran on one cilinder.

Adjustments to the carburatteur didnt make any difference.
It didnt take long to find out what the problem really was :-D

The idling jet was totally blocked with dirt..
It was clear that id had some good cleaning up to do.

After two cans of break cleaner and putting it back together, it now runs very nice.
Still got some synchronisation to do. :-D

The start

Ok so this is what i bought:

Its a Ducati Pantah/ Cagiva Allazura from '85. Ive always liked the sound of the two cilinder machines. And the pantah has a really nice frame too. The ideal combination for a caferacer coversion.

There are some nice examples of really cool cafe's on the web.
This one in perticular..

Of course the idea is not to make an copy of this bike.
Well see how things work out.