dinsdag 26 april 2011

the tail...

Haven't been able to do much on the duc, but there's still some improvement.
The tail I've made from the cx500 tank is in progress. I was afraid that I made it too short but I actually like it this way.
The first time I put the grinder in the back of the ducs frame was quite scary, but it looks better for sure.

Also hooked up the headlight..

In the meanwhile I'm waiting on a fuel tap for the black cx tank. I cant wait to give it a go..

zaterdag 16 april 2011

sold the ss50

By the way, I als sold the ss50 today. I wasnt too happy about the price, but I m glad its gone. I wasnt doing anything with it.
And selling this baby it cleans up my garage big time.

the second tank

Found myself a reeealy nice cx500 tank. This time its bumpless (almost) and black.
I had to modify the underside of the first cx tank with a hammer. Because the frame was just to wide for the tank to really fit.
The new tank has a different underside. Its already wide enough, so it fits right away. me like... :-D

Also check out the alu fuelcap..

donderdag 14 april 2011


Got my new exhaust set today...well they're not new of course. The previous owner told me these babies are 40 yrs old, and from an Italian bike.
Anyway, I like the shape, still have no idea in which position to mount them.

Pretty weird but, just found out that they're made of stainless steal. what about the old Italian rust problems?
We'll see.

donderdag 7 april 2011

cx500 tank

Last Tuesday weve been workin on the virago and the duc again.
The tank I initially bought for the cap behind the rear seat, acually looks pretty good on the bike itself. Unfortunately this one is full of bumps, so i'm looking for a nice second one. Preferably with no dents or big scratches. So if someone still has a spare cx500 c tank laying around, please let me know. :-D
sorry about the crappy pictures, these were taken in the evening..to little light.

Also made a bracket for the tacho and finished the brackets for the headlight. I think it looks ok, bit im still not convinced about the position of the tacho.
But it'll do for now.

I've been brushing the caps of the in and outlet valve. I think the engine already looks more classy.

zaterdag 2 april 2011

some new stuff

I removed the brackets of the headlight michiel gave me. Now I working on a minimalistic bracket made from little pieces of rod and some rings. I thing It looks really nice already. Might be slightly too fragile, but we will see how it holds.

Bought an old cx custom tank, (looks quite nice actually). I'm thinkin of using the rear/back of the tank, and use the round shape for back of the seat of the ducati.
Something like this..

Also fixed the inner helmet of the welding mask that michiel broke :-D
Used some parts of an old construction helmet.