woensdag 20 maart 2013

First major steps

It has been quite some time since I posted here. Time to Changs that. Weve been workin on the sr on à regular basis the last couple of weeks. Dispite all the engine problems we're having (heavy smokin and à very crappy cylinder head) weve managed to do some really cool stuff. Check out the guzzi tank (we never seen this type before).
Also die some work on the fenders and lights.
Michiel is workin on custom bodywork made out of an old gastank.
We think the bike already looks great, but the engine stays oud concern...
Anyone got à spare sr engine laying around?

zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Sr500 build

Yesterday we managed to do some work on the SR500. Michiel started with soldering a new wiring loom. From our other projects we learned that a heavily simplified loom is the key for a clean and good workin bike.

We also started with some stuff that involved the grinder.. :-)
We did some good alteration to the frame and things are startin to look nice already.

donderdag 19 juli 2012

Virago for sale..

For Sale!

Check it out on:



maandag 16 juli 2012

The virago back in the old days

Found some old pictures of the day we just picked up the virago. Michiel is making a test run here. Later during the build we noticed that it was only running on one cilinder..:-S noobs..
Also some pictures of our first attempt strippin the bike and rippin off all the junk and ugly stuff. (check the uglyness of that frame)

As you can see in the last picture the bike looks somewhat different now. :-)
We were planning on doing a photoshoot with a girlfriend of michiel today, but the weather is absolutely horroble..
We are planning to sell the virago for some time now, but first we need some nice pics.

maandag 9 juli 2012

3D printer

As an engineer I've been interested in these things for quite some time now, printing and building almost everything you can imagine on your desktop. It sounds like science fiction, but these things are fairly easy to build.

I can think of à million things I'd make for the bike building, so ok, I just had to buy one!!

My reprap printer came in a kit, almost everything included...almost.. The reseller had to ship in parts up to four times, because hè forgot to put them in the first shipment..
Anyway I'm pretty far with the build, tonight Ill be do some testin and see if i can get the electronics hooked up.

As u can see on The photo, lot of parts are printed on an other printer, so you can print one for your mates :-D

Ill keep u posted!

vrijdag 6 juli 2012

the Sr500 at last...

So we finally did it... We picked up the Sr500 that we bought some time ago.. it was waiting for us all this time in the shed at my mums place.
We started rippin off all the cables and junk and very quickly things already began to look good.

Grinding away all the little mounts and other worthless peaces of the frame resulted in some really nice pictures.
Anyway, were lookin forward on building this thing. We already had some parts laying around so we couldnt resist checkin out how'd they look on the bike.

Our intention is to build somekind off scramber but we'll see how things turn out.

woensdag 6 juni 2012

airco meister :-D

Ok this has nothing to do with the duc or the virago or any bike, but still wanted to share this..it is always satusfying fixing things :-D

As we say in dutch "er gaat niks boven lekker een avondje sleutelen"

Fixed the airco system of my car today, normally something you let your local garage take care off.
But last year the airco also broke down and the garage charged me for 200 euros to fix/recharge it..

Obviousley when you can fix it yourselves, it is soo much cooler! so i did some research on the web and I found this:

If youre system is too low on refrigerant, this is the stuff you have to put back into the system :-D
So I located the low-pressure refil point of the airco.. Turned out to be on the right above the right front weel. Anyways, the system can only be refilled when the airco pump is running. But mine wasnt running because of the low level of refrigerant. I had to raise the pressure gauge all the way into the red to get it running..that was quit scary...
But eventually it started pumpin and the gauge went back into the blue zone. nice..
Nice cool air now come thru the vent-holes of my focus...
Hopfully it will be hot enough soon, so Ill be able to use it :-)

So there it is, alway try fixin things yourselves, mostly it isnt all that difficult.