maandag 23 mei 2011

now and then..

Ok just for fun..
this is what it was.

and this is how I ruined it. :-D

...*&^( licenseplate

Ok...there's always the part u have to do stuff to your bike you really don't want to.
mounting the licenseplate is one of those things...
They always seem too big...too ugly and off course there's no place to put it.

I tried to find the least ugliest spot on the bike.. but im still not sure.
Which of the two do you thing is the best?
dont pay attention to the rear light. This one is just to get an idea.
There's a new one on its way.. :-D

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

we're gettin there

Of course, in my two weeks of a well deserved holiday, I found some time, workin on the Duc.
With the help of Miob we managed to make a first test tour around the neighborhood.
I was reeealy pleased with the amound of power the 650cc two cilinder engine provided.
It could really keep up with the CB750 of michiel.
Of course we also lost the tail light.. Its somewhere out there in the betuwe, despite our search, was unfindable.

Anyway, we also made a start with the exhausts. This way things seem a bit extreme but we like it. I'll have to make shields on the pipes so I wont burn my legs.
I almost finished the left exhaust pipe. still need some more bended pipe for the right side.

zondag 1 mei 2011

the tail part two...

Been workin on the tail again. Made the brackets to fit it to the Duc's frame.
Also fitted the tail light. Still got some finishing to do, but the looks are definitely there.
To make the frame as 'open' as possible I'm trying to mount all the electric parts out ofsight..but thats not that easy...

Could also make a new wiring loom, but I first want to get it running.