vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

The new seat

The new seat arrived yesterday. It really is a nice piece of work!
Thanks Ramon! A really well done job!
I really like the classic style of the off-white in combination with the black tank.
Still have to paint the rear off the bike (is now blue-ish)

Michiel also had some rear air-shocks laying around. We tried them on the duc.
I think they fit the bike. Haven't had the chance of takin it for a nice ride, so im not sure how they react. Bit they look very ok!

Michiel also took the virago for a last ride befor we started takin it apart for the paint job. How cool is this bike. :-D

woensdag 10 augustus 2011

love those little bikes

Found a very nice page with some nice little custom SR500s just like our freshly bought bike. You can really see the potential of this little one.


Some few examples..

zondag 7 augustus 2011

the sr500

just some photos to get things started...

from http://www.pipeburn.com/home/tag/sr500
(michiel check de tank)

been a while

Yes, its been a long time since I posted on this blog.
Some serious things happend these last weeks..
My dad died and my wife got pregnant. So I didnt have much time to do any serious workin on the ducati. Life can ben weird sometimes...

Last week I did make some progress on the bike, I finished up the groundplate of the seat and send it to a really good "seat-maker" in purmerend. I'm expectin to receive the seat next week. he already send me some crappy fotos (made with his cellphone) but they looked promessing.

Owh also check MIOBs blog. We bought ourselves a veryveryvery crappy sr500.
First we have to finish up and sell the virago. But we cant wait, puttin our fingers on this baby!