zondag 5 juni 2011

did some nice work!

Last week I had some time to do those last important things on the duc.
I received my tail light from Louis and I made a nice bracket to mount it together with the awfull license plate tot the back of the bike.
I really like the result.

Also made a ground plate for the buddy (to be..) Things are beginning to look "finished"... I couldnt resist takin the duc for a nice evening stroll.
The noise coming from the exausts is still too loud, still need to do something about that. But nevertheless it is very driveable.

A yes the air filters... did some really custom home made stuff action here. The cups are made of tea-filters (xenos) and I glued them (two component glue..) to the original intake-rings of the Dellorto carbs....sooo very easy... :-D