woensdag 6 juni 2012

airco meister :-D

Ok this has nothing to do with the duc or the virago or any bike, but still wanted to share this..it is always satusfying fixing things :-D

As we say in dutch "er gaat niks boven lekker een avondje sleutelen"

Fixed the airco system of my car today, normally something you let your local garage take care off.
But last year the airco also broke down and the garage charged me for 200 euros to fix/recharge it..

Obviousley when you can fix it yourselves, it is soo much cooler! so i did some research on the web and I found this:

If youre system is too low on refrigerant, this is the stuff you have to put back into the system :-D
So I located the low-pressure refil point of the airco.. Turned out to be on the right above the right front weel. Anyways, the system can only be refilled when the airco pump is running. But mine wasnt running because of the low level of refrigerant. I had to raise the pressure gauge all the way into the red to get it running..that was quit scary...
But eventually it started pumpin and the gauge went back into the blue zone. nice..
Nice cool air now come thru the vent-holes of my focus...
Hopfully it will be hot enough soon, so Ill be able to use it :-)

So there it is, alway try fixin things yourselves, mostly it isnt all that difficult. 

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